Is family nudism really a healthy lifestyle?

Submitted by Jason Reed on Mon, 05/11/2020 - 16:57
Is family nudism really a healthy lifestyle?

This is a common question we encounter in nudist lifestyle. Some people are just curious while others are really concerned about how to introduce children to nudism. Shedding clothes comes with responsibility of caring about other people's emotions as well. Majority of people in this lifestyle are just comfortable with their bodies. And, they aren't having any issues in shedding clothes in front of their family members or strangers. However, being in this lifestyle is more comfortable for children that have been raised by families practicing social nudity.

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Dawn Ayres from London replied

Now it depends on who you ask now if it is a family that will not change in front of each other or be seen in there under you can take it that the women will not go topless and so they would say no Now you can have a family that when on holiday and sharing a room they will change in front of each other and be seen in there underwear and more then likely the women will go topless and there answer would more then likely be its ok if you want to do that but its not for us but we might give it a go

Now if you are like us and a naturist family you do find it a healthy lifestyle and for us and my sister and her family we do like it It started at home with all my brothers and sisters we were not naturist but we had only one bathroom so we would all see each other naked at some time or going round in our underwear and we had n hang ups with this and when we went on holiday us girls would some times go topless and so did mum and aunties that my come with us as we would always go to quite beaches

And when we found out that my hubby had been a naturist when he was younger as we were on holiday with mum and dad and he went fishing and the three of us would go to the beach and mum did not take her bikini and she just strip off join by hubby and so did i in the end and we did this each time we went a way

Then we had kids and as they got older we went on holiday with them and ended up on a nude beach and they were happy to just strip off and run a round and we spent the whole holiday like that and then after that we just carried on with that life style and when my sister come with us they ended up joining us and have done this since that day

Now we have as a family been to a nude beach with my sister and her family my mum and gran and a auntie all naked on the beach With the the life style my two boys and daughter and my sisters two girls and son they found it so help full growing up it gave them so much confidence in there bodies and the also got to see over the years how there body would change as well

Now with the girls they got to see real women and there bodies and not like the ones you see in magazines witch there friends would see and thing like body hair as well the girls got to see all different styles that the women would do and so did the boys as well

Also with this all the kids were open with us as we were with them and would ask anything as they were not shy And when we go away as families it does not matter how we share rooms as we have seen each other naked so many times or when showering it is not unusual for a couple of us to get in and shower with each other and as for being naked there is nothing sexual about any of it as what lots of people think as i have chatted with some and they think because you are all naked you must all be having sex all the time

Now the best way to find out what its like is go your self and try it i have had friends do this and yes some did like it and one of my friends comes with us to swims as her hubby did not like it And she has been to nude beaches with him she will be naked and he will have his trunks on and as we say each to there own.

Jeffrey Richman, President at Real Property Management from South Florida replied..

I have been a nudist for 30 years and feel it’s very healthy. My wife nor my grown children feel the same way, so I respect their wishes. I will go naked any where at any time in front of anyone as long as I know they enjoy the view and are 100% comfortable with it.

I love doing most anything nude washing cars, doing yard work etc. when I’m working in the nude I’m touched only about 30% of the time which is always accepted by me. This situation just happened four days ago. I hired a hetro male to help me design and install a good deal of landscaping. I asked if he would be comfortable if I worked in the nude. He said no sex but it’s ok.

Doing work on this property I can go nude in the back but not on the three sides of the property so when I got the chance I stripped and could tell this guy was uncomfortable. I asked him the next day if he was ok with my nudity, he said he was but couldn’t look at my lower parts while I was nude. So I told him that makes me uncomfortable and thus didn’t want to be nude so I’d have to not use him.

He told me he was losing his room where he lived and would be homeless so he really needed the money. So I sat with him for a half hour to discuss the nudity issue. I told him I wasn't trying to change his values but perhaps think of it in a logical way. He was taught that a mans cock balls and ass shouldn’t be looked at by another male as it was a sin. Logically who tells you it’s a sin and what if they said cocks n ass were ok but knees were a sin to look at. Cocks , ass and knees are all part of the body covered with skin, one is not more sinful than the other.

He was staring to understand when I said Hold my hand, then hold my penis .The real difference Is that in your mind my penis is something you can’t touch. I had him squeeze my ass and spread. My cheeks. I then said I’m not interested to prompt you to touch me while I’m nude but you can if you want but certainly don’t be shy or embarrassed to see me nude.

All the body parts you just touched are no different in that they are body parts, the difference is what you have been taught are off limits…. For what reason …. They bite? It appeared to help and he is still working with me and seems more at ease. So yes nudity helps to stabilize people and families